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Carmen Castañeda and Miguel Kavlin would like to invite you to come to Bolivia and Share in the beauty, the magic and the mystery that we have found in this incredible place where land is still honored by the native inhabitants, and ancient beliefs and customs are still practiced to help maintain the balance between human societies and nature.
Some have said that the spiritual forces that used to reside in the Himalayas have shifted to the Andean mountains; some have said that the encounter between the condor and the eagle has been prophesized as forebrirnger of times for healing. However it may be this is surely an enchanted land, and we have done our best to bring to you the possibility of sharing that experience with us and provide you with the best environments and experiences for purification, healing, meditation, inspiration, or merely relaxing and enjoying what our wondrous world has to offer.
We are sure the experiences you will have here will be unforgettable and will bring positive change in your lives.
Come join us, we welcome you with open arms!