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Proyecto Ruta de los Dioses

native owned cultural tourism co.

2772711 – 2791742 – 72002055

Aymara Culture with open arms.

Thanks to a project with Bolivia Mistica, financed by the Bank for Inter-American Development and the government of Bolivia, Camiraya seeks to preserve it´s cultural heritage and share it with visitors, while creating job opportunities and improving the quality of life within the village.

Camiraya is an Aymara Village of 30 families located in a fertile gentle sloping hillside with imposing views of the Andes. Remote enough that you will experience genuine aymara lifestyles.

100% Community-Qwned Cultural
Tourism Co.

We offer:

  • 45 min. from the center of La Paz.
  • Large Hall for events or conferences.
  • Fully equipped with Data show, screen, etc.
  • 4 adobe, vaulted-ceiling cabins with pasive solar heating. Located next to villages family homes, cap. 14 people.
  • Beautiful Views of the Andean Mountains.
  • Share in the daily activities of the community.
  • Learn about Aymara cosmology, beliefs and
  • Appreciate native music and dance.
  • Restaurant with National and International food.
  • Eat the village specialty, Huatia, cooked in buried earthen-ovens.

Optional Activities:

  • Cultural Evenings with Oral Histories.
  • Native Music and Crafts.
  • Participation in daily activities, such as manufacturing adobe, roofing with straw, grazing animals, or planting, harvesting or cleaning/weeding fields (depending on the season), arts and crafts.
  • Visits to Ceremonial Places and Sacred Mountains.
  • Hiking trails to impressive Palca Canyon, Andean Glaciars or Nearby Villages.

We also offer Cultural Tourism and the opportunity to live and share with the Native Tacana Village of Villa Alcira in the Amazon Region nearby Rurrenabaque.


Act. ML/2010