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The Bolivian pampas are located near the lowland village of Santa Rosa, this is an area of Savannah (pampa), a very flat landscape divided by meandering rivers and characterized generally by low and open vegetation, ideal for animal observation. It has a very high diversity and abundance of fauna,especially birds. Notable species found in the area include: capybaras, pink river dolphins, monkeys (including black howler, squirrel and brown capuchin), anacondas - the largest land snake, caiman and rheas.

This journey begins in Rurrenabaque, the main harbour to the Bolivian Amazon. Continue on canoes on the Yacuma River and travel up the river looking for pink dolphins, monkeys, capybaras, turtles and a great

variety of birdlife from hawks, ibises, screamers, herons, toucans, macaws and others.

Get into your dugout canoe again and travel on Yacuma River to find a place to start walking into the savannas to look for the world's largest snake: the anaconda.

In the rivers you will have a chance to observe the strange pink dolphins, friendly animals with wich you may swim and play, turtles, and capybaras. If you like you can also accede to a short walk to see rheas,
anteaters and monkeys.

5 days/ 4 nights or 4 days/ 3 nights.