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Proyecto Ruta de los Dioses

high mountain eco-resort

We offer:

  • Passive solar heating.
  • Dormitory style accomodations.
  • Double rooms with private bathrooms.
  • Matrimonial suites.
  • Family cabins.
  • Hot showers.
  • State of the art jacuzzi and sauna.
  • Lovingly prepared national and
  • international cuisine.
  • Organic Greenhouse.
  • Incredible views of the Andes.
  • Large Conference and Workshop Center.
  • Tibetan Stupa and Meditation Room.
  • Learn about Aymara cosmology, beliefs and rituals.

Optional Activities:

  • Trekking: half day, full day and three day.
  • Hiking.
  • Mountain Biking.
  • Horse Back Riding.
  • Mountain Climbing.
  • Mountain Boarding.
  • Bungee.
  • Paragliding & Paragliding Course.
  • Rapelling Down Palca Canyon.

Andean and Amazonian Shamanic Rituals.
Therapies (Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, etc.)
Yoga, Tai-Chi, Meditation, etc.

Located just 40 minutes from La Paz, at 3,800Mts (13,000ft) above sea -level, Allkamari is located on the Canyon and Lagoon of the Souls, a sacred place to the Aymara inhabitants of the Andean highlands, who come here to offer burnt-offering ceremonies to the imposing Mountain Gods that overlook our Valley, Mount Illimani and Mururata.

We have built our center respecting the sacredness of the place and honoring the energies that surround us, enlisting them for the porpouse of healing, nourishing and welcoming all our guests.

Our structures are built mostly of locally manufactured adobe in unique vaulted-ceiling designs with passive solar heating, providing a wonderful warm and nourishing atmosphere, perfect for relaxation, inspiration and introspection.

From Allkamari you can access walking or cicling trails(easy, medium and difficult), as well as Inca Trails that cross the Andes into lush semi Tropical Valleys with
the most breathtaking view imaginable!

We are also working with our neighboring Aymara village of Camiraya to help them create a cultural tourism company to ensure an economic future for themselves, while preserving their traditional lifestyle.



Act. ML/2010