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Proyecto Ruta de los Dioses

Shamanic Journeys

Carmen Castañeda and Miguel Kavlin would like to invite you to Share in the Beauty, the Magic and the Mystery that lies hidden and pristine ready to share its wisdom and give blessings to those who approach with humbleness, sincerity and a vocation for service. We do not encourage followers but train masters of their own lives by facilitating purification, healing, transformation and empowerment in direct encounters with oneself and the sacred, through ritual formats from various cultures. Each participant then weaves the meaning, rythm and rhyme of their own lives, and support each other in the process.

Shamanism and Native Ritual:

  • Amazonian Plant Spirit Rituals.
  • Andean Plant Spirit Rituals.
  • All-Night Sacred Dances.
  • Ritual Pilgrimages to Sacred Places.
  • Native North American Inipi Ceremony.
  • Native North American Sun-Moon Dance.
  • Traditional Andean Burnt–Offering Ceremonies.
  • Coca Leaf divination.

Tibetan Stupa, Yoga, Meditation, etc

For those who prefer the Eastern Tradition and/or more contemplative practices, Carmen Castañeda teaches Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, etc. all at World Class level. Also, we have a slew of therapists in everything:

  • Reiki.
  • Craneo Sacral.
  • Hot Stone Massage.
  • Indian Head Massage.
  • Reflexology.
  • Homeopathy, etc.

Allkamari Retrat Center

Nestled in the Andes, only 30 minutes from La Paz, our Healing Retreat Center Allkamari is located on the Lay Line that connects Mt. Illimani, Tiwanaku, Lake Titicaca and Cuzco. It has been harmonized and blessed by years of devotional work, including the construction of the first Andean Stupa in the Tibetan Dzogchen and High Tantra Buddhist Tradition.

The Tibetan Stupa in our Retreat Center Allkamari features a meditation room, where the energies of the andes combined with the most potent tibetan traditions provide for a most propitious place for meditation and prayer.

Wizard Mountain Retreat Center

In the Jungle outside Rurrenabaque is located on native Sacred Land between Wizard Mt and the Beni River, potent forces for Healing, inspiration and empowerment. You can experience Pristine Forests, Awe-Inspiring Heights, Beautiful Waterfalls, and Natural Swiming Pools.



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