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The Sajama snow peak is another of the main deities (Achachilas) in the Aymara cosmology, ruling with the other main snow peaks our Middle Earth. It is also a site of pilgrimage to receive blessings, healing and teachings to guide our lives in positive ways. The thermal waters at the foot of the mountain have healing and mystical properties. To lie in the hot springs contemplating the snow peak is one of the sublime experiences the Andes have to offer.
Sajama is an inactive Volcano at the center of the park. Sajama is one of the highest snowpeaks on the Andean mountain range at 6,542 meters above sea level. Surrounding Mt. Sajama are forests of one of the rare tree species that inhabit the high andean plateau and may live at altitudes up to 5,200mts above sea level, making them the tree that lives at thighest altitudes in the world, the Keñua trees.
The Sajama national park has an extention of 100,223 hectares, and is populated by hummingbirds, a small animal called Thilamyspallidior, vicuñas, llamas and armadillos. In the rivers and lagoons of the park inhabit many bird species like flamingos, ducks, and others.