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Inka Trails The Andean mountain range is a magnificent departure point for treks that cross over mountain passes averaging 18,000Ft (4,800mts) above sea level, and then descend abruptly into the lush semi-tropical velleys below. These treks have some of the best preserved pre-hispanic roads of South America, specially the Choro and Taquesi trails.

El Choro: One of the most beautiful and better preserved Inca roads, it used to connect the andean plateau with the semitropical valleys, and used to exchange produce such as coca and fruits from the low lands and potatoes and quinoa and other grais from the highlands. These road was later used also by the spaniards and the colonial administration. The highest point along this trail is in Chucura at 4.800 m.s.n.m. and the lowest point on the trail is in Chairo Village. One finds along the trail pre-hispanic stairs, hanging bridges and other astonishing constructions.

4 days/3nights.
Takesi: Also well know, this route traverses mountain passes neighbouring beautiful snow peak Mururata, with views also of Mt. Illimani. On the top of the trail lies a beautiful glaciar lake, From there on it's steep descending into the ever more lush valleys below with parrots and jungle vegetation. You may watch as the clouds rise from the Valley floors below eventually to pass you along the way and rise high into the sky as the day warms. The trailhead is at 3.200 m.s.n.m. and the mountain pass is at 4.640 m.s.n.m., ending up eventually at 2.200 m.s.n.m.
3days/2 nights

Cordillera de Apolobamba (Curva-Pelechuco)This trek is unique because it traverses kallawaya territory. kallawayas are very renowned herbal and ritual medicine men, who still mantain a unique ritual language. Their herbal and ritual knowledge has been named Cultural patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.

One of their main places of pilgrimage, and source of much of their curative strength and knowledge come from their sacred mountain Akamani, which we pass along this trek, and whose impressive beauty and magnificent presence imbues us with strength and insight.
5 days/4 nights aprox.